So I wanted to share a simple practice that I have started using twice daily first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Its only a short practice maybe ten minutes or so at best. However you’ll find it leaves you feeling grounded, opens you up to allow a clarity of mind and also creativity in. Uses any current issues as a catalyst for deep enquiry and actually a source of inspiration.

Sitting comfortably, with your spine straight. Feet grounded on the floor.

Start to take some slow deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth.

Notice your feet firmly on the floor, grounded as you continue to breath, relaxing with each slow

comfortable breath.

As you continue to breath become aware of your consciousness being pulled from the base of your spine, up through your navel, then solar plexus , heart, throat, inbetween your eyes right to the top of your head.

Like drawing water up a straw, you’re intention is to pull the mind out of the body.

At the top of your head notice a light emanating from you. Notice the brightness of it.

From here keep the energy travelling up and up and make the light brighter and brighter, this warm peaceful loving light. Connecting fully with source energy.

Higher and higher keep travelling up to this light, making it brighter and brighter. Keep going further up and up, you’ll notice that nothing like people, places or things exist here. You’re simply energy all encompassing. Just stay here for a while observing the greatness of the union of the universe and the soul.

At this point its nice to think of the affirmation/statement of intention that you’d like to install, or enquire into the solution of a potential issue.

When you’re done, start to bring your consciousness back down the different layers of light, slowly down back to the top of your head, in between your eyes, your throat, heart, solar plexus, navel and base of you spine. Feeling grounded , end the meditation with thanks.

Verbalising the words thank you a few times. So that your physical and spiritual being recognises it and acknowledges your work.

Like anything, its all about consistency. Nobody goes to the gym once and then has a six pack and ripped body. This is a work out for the soul, spiritual fitness! As my mentor would say.


K x

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