Reflect on your learning

Like I said in the main post earlier in the week useful tips on finding the right mentor.

Even if you can’t access one directly then you can still for the same process. It all starts with knowing exactly what you stand for and why you want to achieve what you want to achieve.

From there you can easily research people who’ve done what you want to do. Consume as much content as possible, be critical fan, take what works for you and discard what doesn’t.

Most importantly, reflect on your learning. Look to model what this person does, what’s their purpose, what do/did they stand for? What do you think they believed about themselves and their work? How do you think they showed up everyday or at least the majority of the time in order to get this done or achieve what they did?

NB: Its important to note that you’re not imitating but you’re using the information you’ve gathered to create a better expression of you and what it is you want to achieve.

Good Luck!

Please leave any comments below and let me know how you’re getting on.

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