Old Vs New Thinking.

Financial Freedom means various things to different people. Like the video post on Saturday… Financial freedom is accessible to absolutely everybody who is earning money, has the ability to save and have the will to educate themselves differently from what we’re told.

The facts of the matter is,
1.  that most jobs will not make us financially free, neither will standard savings.
2. Swapping time for money is finite and extremely limited and keeps us living within our means.
3. If you don’t have a plan to invest a portion of savings then things won’t change
4. Understanding leverage, time, resources or money is crucial to increasing your earning ability
5. Financial education is down to us, without it we are simply compliant to others and out of control of our future financially.
6. Its not as difficult as some would lead us to believe
7. We need not wait until retirement to enjoy the life we dream of!

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