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I have been following Ella Woodward for a little while now and to say I am obsessed with her work is an understatement. A friend recommended I check her out on Instagram and I was instantly filled with happiness. She has a great way about her and isnt at all in the realms of the unattainable ‘Oh look at my amazing food that you’ll never figure out how to create yourself’ type. She is relatable. She comes across like the girl next door (a very stylish and beautiful one) who you would love to grab a latte with one day when you both stop rushing around. She’s the gal pal you wish you had.


Right after that I discovered her app and started having a go creating some of these amazing treats myself. As I’ve previously mentioned, I have food intolerances, which makes baked goodies (try these) a mortal enemy to me. So coming across the recipes Ella whips up which are extremely thought out and accessible was a joyous occasion (a dance moment may have occurred in my kitchen). She has been through her own health journey with illness forcing her to take charge of her lifestyle and create the best possible route to regain some control of her condition as she could. I am sure that she didn’t imagine that something which started out as proactive self care could turn into such a wonderful impact for people all over the food loving world. You go girl!  Find out more about her extremely inspiring back story here.


With her website, the app, books and a social media following to make a Kardashian want to befriend her, this is a name you are going to be hearing a lot more of. I would highly recommend checking her out on one of her channels and buying both of these fab books. You’ll be grabbing the apron in no time and getting stuck in to end of delights. Once you give it a try, get in touch and let us know what your favourite recipe is. Happy chow time folks!


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