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  • There’s nothing like a challenge to remind us how alive we are!

    For the most part we think we don’t need or want them, that’s the comfort zone calling the shots.

    Whether the challenge is forced or voluntary, as well as being uncomfortable and uncertain; its also an opportunity to test yourself, rise up, asses yourself in real time and of course, grow.

    Some challenges are longer, more painful and more difficult than others. Yet what always remains the same is how we handle them during it, that determines the depths and duration of our suffering.

    The ability to become creative can be heightened, whats truly important or needed under constant assessment as we faithfully navigate uncharted waters.

    In the thick of your challenge its worth remembering that in previous times, the overcoming and getting through it afford you not only growth, but wisdom also.

  • Being of Value and Creating the Life you Want – Part 2

    Like I mention in the previous video Blog. When setting out what type of life you want I feel its important to remind yourself why are you doing it? Personally I believe if our dreams only include ourselves then they are too small.

    I speak in some our free training about intrinsic and extrinsic goals, an example would be wanting a kick ass body with a 6 pack. This is an extrinsic goal. An intrinsic goal would be you want to be at your optimum health physically, which means that you’d be at your strongest, fittest and more likely have energy in abundance.

    The consequences of which means that you can perform at your best for longer, have more stamina and even a better focus mentality, and of course your body would represent this. So you could say the extrinsic is a bi-product of the much larger intrinsic goal.

    My point is this, whenever we make our dreams about improve things greater than our immediate. The immediate gets taken care of along the way.

    Another example would be money, and the need for more of it. If the focus was to make peoples lives easier/better, whether it be our immediate family or a community, humanity, whatever. By going about with this focus, the biproduct “money” will work its way into your reality whilst doing what you actually care about.

  • Money Mindset Explained

    In the video posted on Saturday. Karen explains about the money mindsets and also touches on money blocks.
    These are our default settings that we revert back to when under pressure. Default settings are beliefs that we carry about ourselves that aren’t necessarily true, however our behavior can be quite predictable when they are triggered.
    And of course we have one when it comes to money. The truth is, where always going to recieve financial challenges, but its understanding this and our default settings that will lead us to our success in dealing with the situation.

    As counter intuitive as it is, we must stop. Do absolutley nothing but observe the situation from an outer perspective. Like watching a movie, observe what is going on for the person (you) and what they are experiencing. This is crucial not to make any decisions from an emotional space.

    Secondly do something that takes your mind off it, go and do something that you enjoy and that takes up plenty of your concentration.

    Lastly , before you go to sleep ask for a solution to the problem that you’re facing. A lot of our solutions lie in the subconscious and not the conscious. The reason being we’re still trying to solve the solution with a mindset that has the problem at the forefront.

    Just like finding something we’ve lost temporarily. Trust that there’s an answer to what you want to find.

    Sometimes the best course of action is inaction.

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  • Old Vs New Thinking.

    Financial Freedom means various things to different people. Like the video post on Saturday… Financial freedom is accessible to absolutely everybody who is earning money, has the ability to save and have the will to educate themselves differently from what we’re told.

    The facts of the matter is,
    1.  that most jobs will not make us financially free, neither will standard savings.
    2. Swapping time for money is finite and extremely limited and keeps us living within our means.
    3. If you don’t have a plan to invest a portion of savings then things won’t change
    4. Understanding leverage, time, resources or money is crucial to increasing your earning ability
    5. Financial education is down to us, without it we are simply compliant to others and out of control of our future financially.
    6. Its not as difficult as some would lead us to believe
    7. We need not wait until retirement to enjoy the life we dream of!

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  • Reflect on your learning

    Like I said in the main post earlier in the week useful tips on finding the right mentor.

    Even if you can’t access one directly then you can still for the same process. It all starts with knowing exactly what you stand for and why you want to achieve what you want to achieve.

    From there you can easily research people who’ve done what you want to do. Consume as much content as possible, be critical fan, take what works for you and discard what doesn’t.

    Most importantly, reflect on your learning. Look to model what this person does, what’s their purpose, what do/did they stand for? What do you think they believed about themselves and their work? How do you think they showed up everyday or at least the majority of the time in order to get this done or achieve what they did?

    NB: Its important to note that you’re not imitating but you’re using the information you’ve gathered to create a better expression of you and what it is you want to achieve.

    Good Luck!

    Please leave any comments below and let me know how you’re getting on.

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  • NOURISH: Deliciously Ella

    I have been following Ella Woodward for a little while now and to say I am obsessed with her work is an understatement. A friend recommended I check her out on Instagram and I was instantly filled with happiness. She has a great way about her and isnt at all in the realms of the unattainable ‘Oh look at my amazing food that you’ll never figure out how to create yourself’ type. She is relatable. She comes across like the girl next door (a very stylish and beautiful one) who you would love to grab a latte with one day when you both stop rushing around. She’s the gal pal you wish you had.


    Right after that I discovered her app and started having a go creating some of these amazing treats myself. As I’ve previously mentioned, I have food intolerances, which makes baked goodies (try these) a mortal enemy to me. So coming across the recipes Ella whips up which are extremely thought out and accessible was a joyous occasion (a dance moment may have occurred in my kitchen). She has been through her own health journey with illness forcing her to take charge of her lifestyle and create the best possible route to regain some control of her condition as she could. I am sure that she didn’t imagine that something which started out as proactive self care could turn into such a wonderful impact for people all over the food loving world. You go girl!  Find out more about her extremely inspiring back story here.


    With her website, the app, books and a social media following to make a Kardashian want to befriend her, this is a name you are going to be hearing a lot more of. I would highly recommend checking her out on one of her channels and buying both of these fab books. You’ll be grabbing the apron in no time and getting stuck in to end of delights. Once you give it a try, get in touch and let us know what your favourite recipe is. Happy chow time folks!


    The Details…





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    Much Love

    Claire ?

  • RELAX & REPLENISH: Meditation


    So I wanted to share a simple practice that I have started using twice daily first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Its only a short practice maybe ten minutes or so at best. However you’ll find it leaves you feeling grounded, opens you up to allow a clarity of mind and also creativity in. Uses any current issues as a catalyst for deep enquiry and actually a source of inspiration.

    Sitting comfortably, with your spine straight. Feet grounded on the floor.

    Start to take some slow deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth.

    Notice your feet firmly on the floor, grounded as you continue to breath, relaxing with each slow

    comfortable breath.

    As you continue to breath become aware of your consciousness being pulled from the base of your spine, up through your navel, then solar plexus , heart, throat, inbetween your eyes right to the top of your head.

    Like drawing water up a straw, you’re intention is to pull the mind out of the body.

    At the top of your head notice a light emanating from you. Notice the brightness of it.

    From here keep the energy travelling up and up and make the light brighter and brighter, this warm peaceful loving light. Connecting fully with source energy.

    Higher and higher keep travelling up to this light, making it brighter and brighter. Keep going further up and up, you’ll notice that nothing like people, places or things exist here. You’re simply energy all encompassing. Just stay here for a while observing the greatness of the union of the universe and the soul.

    At this point its nice to think of the affirmation/statement of intention that you’d like to install, or enquire into the solution of a potential issue.

    When you’re done, start to bring your consciousness back down the different layers of light, slowly down back to the top of your head, in between your eyes, your throat, heart, solar plexus, navel and base of you spine. Feeling grounded , end the meditation with thanks.

    Verbalising the words thank you a few times. So that your physical and spiritual being recognises it and acknowledges your work.

    Like anything, its all about consistency. Nobody goes to the gym once and then has a six pack and ripped body. This is a work out for the soul, spiritual fitness! As my mentor would say.


    K x

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