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  • Useful tips on finding a good mentor

    “A good mentor can be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decades income”

    Its been very well documented that having a mentor, one who has walked a similar path to the one you’re on, can have a massive impact on achieving your goals.

    Now, more than any other time, I believe we have access to infinite amounts of information, right at our finger tips. We’re able to consume masses of valuable content, in any preferred style we want, video, audio, written word 24/7 365.

    Even if it isn’t possible to physically reach our mentors/heros directly, we can learn and get a sense of processes through their published content.

    But for those who are seeking out individuals physically, how and where do we start?

    How do we ensure that we aren’t wasting our time and resources? End up being used? Misdirected, Side tracked, have our idea’s stolen even.

    What’s needed in order to create genuine authentic relationships that’s a win/win for everyone?

    1.Know yourself and your why..

    When you have a strong sense of what you stand for and the reason why do you what you do, plus what’s so important about that. You have a solid indication of values, you can then look to align values accordingly with those you seek out.


    1. Start with what can you offer…


    What’s the value you’re proposing? How do you bring value to this most likely busy individual, in exchange for knowledge or guidance?

    Knowing the answer to these questions means you know your subject thoroughly. (Think win/win!)


    1. Do your research…

    Following on from number 2. know what they are currently working on, projects and its performance, future plans if possible. Not only to see where you can help but to get an even richer sense of practices and values.


    1. Specifics of a good mentor

    a) they are mission led – See things greater than themselves, have a burning desire to make an impact.

    b) Constantly learning – Development & Learning is an integral part of their DNA, I’ve found that most successful people are consistently curious and make time for development. “If you’re not growing, you’re regressing”

    c) Contribution – On a some sort of scale as well as helping the people they work with, they see it important to give back or create structures that support the less fortunate.

    d) Credibility – This isn’t as much about qualifications but more thought leaders in their field, does the impact of their work have a powerful outcome and is that evident.

    e) Integrity – They walk their talk, what they say and do are both parts of the same whole. Congruency in word and actions breeds confidence all round.


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