Being of Value and Creating the Life you Want – Part 2

Like I mention in the previous video Blog. When setting out what type of life you want I feel its important to remind yourself why are you doing it? Personally I believe if our dreams only include ourselves then they are too small.

I speak in some our free training about intrinsic and extrinsic goals, an example would be wanting a kick ass body with a 6 pack. This is an extrinsic goal. An intrinsic goal would be you want to be at your optimum health physically, which means that you’d be at your strongest, fittest and more likely have energy in abundance.

The consequences of which means that you can perform at your best for longer, have more stamina and even a better focus mentality, and of course your body would represent this. So you could say the extrinsic is a bi-product of the much larger intrinsic goal.

My point is this, whenever we make our dreams about improve things greater than our immediate. The immediate gets taken care of along the way.

Another example would be money, and the need for more of it. If the focus was to make peoples lives easier/better, whether it be our immediate family or a community, humanity, whatever. By going about with this focus, the biproduct “money” will work its way into your reality whilst doing what you actually care about.

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