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26th April 2017

  • Money Mindset Explained

    In the video posted on Saturday. Karen explains about the money mindsets and also touches on money blocks.
    These are our default settings that we revert back to when under pressure. Default settings are beliefs that we carry about ourselves that aren’t necessarily true, however our behavior can be quite predictable when they are triggered.
    And of course we have one when it comes to money. The truth is, where always going to recieve financial challenges, but its understanding this and our default settings that will lead us to our success in dealing with the situation.

    As counter intuitive as it is, we must stop. Do absolutley nothing but observe the situation from an outer perspective. Like watching a movie, observe what is going on for the person (you) and what they are experiencing. This is crucial not to make any decisions from an emotional space.

    Secondly do something that takes your mind off it, go and do something that you enjoy and that takes up plenty of your concentration.

    Lastly , before you go to sleep ask for a solution to the problem that you’re facing. A lot of our solutions lie in the subconscious and not the conscious. The reason being we’re still trying to solve the solution with a mindset that has the problem at the forefront.

    Just like finding something we’ve lost temporarily. Trust that there’s an answer to what you want to find.

    Sometimes the best course of action is inaction.

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