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19th April 2017

  • 5 Top Nutrition Tips

    As discussed on the saturday, here are 5 tips to keep in mind when it comes to your nutrition.

    1. Keep a Diary – Especially starting out this is a great way to understand what your habits are and what things can be tweaked.

    2. One size doesn’t fit all – We are all unique to take things to an optimum level consider bloods and also DNA. This is exactly why certain diets will work for one person but not the other.

    3. Get the fundamentals right. – That being said, there are a few things that are well documented that we should try to limit. Sugar, Bad fats, Alcohol, processed foods etc. Equally things we should be looking to increase, i.e. water intake, vegetables, whole foods.

    4. 80/20 rule. Nobody is saying be a complete saint, and you should always enjoy the odd meal without worrying about calorific content. Enjoying it knowing that you body can process it more efficiently because for the majority of the time it has good whole food to work with, rids any guilt.

    5. Prep and strategy. This is about your environment and also setting out a structure that supports your food choices. Batch cooking and healthy snack options in the cupboards means that when life takes over and you just need to grab something, its still in favor of your health.

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